Free High School Social Studies Teacher Resources That Tie In Pop Culture

A Poptential student understands the world, their place in it and how to improve upon it.

American History —
Volume 1

American History —
Volume 2

World History —
Volume 1

World History —
Volume 2



What is Poptential?

Poptential is an online suite of free high school social studies teacher resources that blend short video clips and text so you can meet the different learning styles of your students. 

You’ll find clips from movies and shows, memes, music and modern references that your students can relate to.

Teachers using Poptential report:

Increased effectiveness
in the classroom (90%)

Increased student
engagement (71%)

Project Tomorrow National Teacher Feedback Study, 2021

When asked what they like most, teachers using Poptential said:

Ease of use

Lack of bias in content

Videos that stimulate
class discussion

An overall support of critical
thinking skill development

Project Tomorrow National Teacher Feedback Study, 2021

A Poptential student explores seven key American principles.

Warm up your class, pop culture-style.

When the bell rings, give students 3-5 minutes to watch/read that day’s Bell Ringer content. Then simply ask the provided questions and watch your class participation explode.

Get real-time student learning data for real life impact.

Poptential’s new teacher dashboard, Engauge, turns each student action into useable educator insights. See assignment completion rates, student engagement with text, videos or questions, and evidence of comprehension!

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