Engauge Dashboard

Student Using Poptential On A Laptop@2x

Get real-time student learning data for real-life impact.

Poptential’s new teacher dashboard, Engauge, turns every student action into useful insights. Request access to Engauge.

  • Gain access to student engagement and comprehension in real-time.
    • With three colored indicators, know if your students have completed the work assigned, partially completed it, or if their work was not done.
    • See students’ interaction in the text, while watching videos, or answering questions. 
    • Grade short answer responses, submit scores and write feedback that will appear in the student version of the e-textbook.
  • Provide valuable feedback to students and parents.
    • Students are held accountable by knowing that e-textbook activities are visible to the teacher.
    • A “behind the scenes” look at student activity surrounding learning can set a student up for success when it comes time for more formal assessments.
    • Help parents understand student engagement and progress.
  • Foster continuous improvement and professional growth.
    • Analyze student learning data to identify areas of teaching strength and areas for improvement.
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