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Common Sense Economics

A caveman trades an animal pelt for a basket of berries—and bam! One millennium later, world economies ebb and flow in real time based on intricate market forces. This Economics e-book gives your students the short, understandable, common sense version of complex economic concepts like supply and demand, tariffs and free trade, the “invisible hand” and much more. Finally, a brilliantly simple explanation from the inimitable economist, Uncle Milton Friedman, shows how market pricing of a pencil works.

Poptential’s Common Sense Economics is divided into weekly unit modules and daily lessons. Every module begins with an overview that provides your students with a clear purpose and relevance in their learning. At the end of every module, activities engage students in reflection and feedback exercises. This fosters a sense of agency and promotes active engagement in the learning process, helping students become more independent and self-directed learners. Pop culture media, along with engaging mini-lessons, accompany every module and support a deeper reading of the content. All of the content is set to school calendars and is compatible with popular classroom apps.

  • Economics Yr23 24 Student

    E-Textbook (Student Edition)

    • 15 modules; all modules are set to pace 1 per week
    • Includes:
      • Module Objectives
      • Module Key Concepts and Terms
      • Discussion Questions and Analysis
      • Applying American Principles
      • And much more!
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  • Economics Yr23 24 Teacher

    E-Textbook (Teacher Edition)

    • 15 modules; all modules are set to pace 1 per week
    • Includes everything in the student edition, plus:
      • Lesson Plan Overviews
      • Learning Objectives
      • Quizzes and Answer Keys
      • Are You Getting It? Interactive Poll Questions
      • Additional Assignments